Andrew Simpson
Left Paddler (M)


Information: I grew up next to the ocean in BC. My first boat was an old dinghy that wouldn’t float, which is why it was turned into my sandbox, but that didn’t stop me from rowing the hell out of it. In time I was allowed out on the “real” water in a rowboat tethered to a mooring buoy. I spent countless hours navigating the 20-yard radius around that buoy. Obviously these experiences contributed to a lifelong love of the water (and some mild anti-social tendencies).

Fast-forward to 2001, living in Toronto, I was introduced to Dragon Boat at a time when my pants were shrinking in the wash with such alarming frequency that I was forced to purchase ever-larger sizes to pre-empt the problem. Paddling had immediate appeal as a bit of exercise and an opportunity to get on the water, but it became so much more. It changed the way I live my life in terms of health, fitness and outlook. And it changed who I share my life with through the many great friendships and as the way I met my wife.

In 2011 I purchased a fitness kayak that has added an exciting new layer to my paddling life. I continue to enjoy the Dragon Boat team experience but I also now enjoy the freedom of paddling my own boat, completely un-tethered!