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Written by Andrew Simpson   
Friday, 13 April 2012 12:25

Day 4 at camp was billed as a long morning paddle followed by an afternoon off. And we did tour the chain of lakes connected to Turkey Lake (which apparently looks a bit like a turkey from the air). But it wasn't the long, steady paddle some were expecting.

After warm-up we were paired with the DC Dragons boat for a "leap-frog" drill, which is side-by-side surges alternating 20 strokes on and 20 strokes off. Each team breaks through the wake and suction of the other boat and accelerates to open water as quickly as possible. Once again this is training through non-competitive competition. There's no winner in a drill like this and you're called down to allow the other boat to pass, but the competitive juices kick in anyway and you can't help trying to outdo them in your passing surges. The result is a physically challenging drill and an effective simulation of the feeling of passing another crew in a race.

After a few sets of leap-frog we moved to flat-out racing over fixed durations of 30, 45, 60 and 90 seconds. The coaches threw in the added wrinkle that after each race the losing boat got to pluck a paddler from the winner (and not someone who'd already been picked). The outcome of that was ever tighter racing, mixing of the crews and people paddling in all types of unfamiliar seats. Great workout and loads of fun.

In the afternoon most of our group drove over to Cocoa Beach for our afternoon off. Play in the surf. Beer on the beach. Fish tacos. What more do you need to unwind for an afternoon?


My Day 4 photo album can be viewed here.


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